JA high efficiency submersible jet aerator

Features High efficiency oxygen dissolving: It has unique design for gas mixture chamber whose intake air quantity is big. Air can be mixed well with water, and it can produce minute and plenty of air bubble with high air dissolving rate. Intensive mixing: The pressure produced by impeller through jet hole produces forceful water flow, which realizes jet after mixed with air to make oxygen move efficiently in water and at the same time achieve good mixing effect, which can maintain the flow rate necessary for activated sludge floating. Quiet and noise-free: The machine unit is designed to run in water with low winding number and low noise: overland air-intake duct can be additionally equipped with silencing equipment. Cost can be reduced since no other anechoic room is required. Easy for installation and maintenance: There are two types for your selection: equipped with or without automatic attach device. Easy for installation and maintenance, saving operation cost. Wide range of service: It is widely used in industrial wastewater treatment, effluent treatment of livestock husbandry and general foul sewer aeration engineering, aeration tank of effluent facilities of factory applied with activated sludge method. It can be used either individually or in a combined way. Constructive specification: This submersible jet aerator adopts specially designed aeration pump, which forms the integral unit with air bubble generating section and automatic attach device. Special aeration pump: Special aeration pump uses high-performance impeller, which does not block fouls. Therefore, it has long service life. Air bubble generating section: This section is composed of air-inlet duct, nozzle holder, gas mixture chamber and divergent pipe. Water is pumped into gas mixture chamber at high speed from nozzle holder connected to pump outlet. Air is inducted into gas mixture chamber through air-inlet duct and is mixed with water flow, then exhausted through divergent pipe. A